• Meghan Hurley


Some of us have a number that follows us everywhere. Some have a name that wakes up every nerve in your body from your tongue to your toes. 

Some have symbols, like butterflies, that flutter in and out of their lives as reminders. 

Notice your consistencies, take comfort in them. Take comfort in the fact that they will pass, but in fact that they will not be gone for long. Know that your red can turn to purple, to blue. Know that your orange will always be yours, no matter the tempo the flame dances to. Know that you will always find peace in the pretty pink sunset, nostalgia in the red collegiate hat. 

I have a dainty gold necklace with a pendant in the shape of North Carolina. Actually, I’ve had about four of ‘em. After years of tarnish and rust, I learned not to wear it in the shower. There’s some science for you. 

Instead, my necklace stays in a box next to my bed. It’s a memory, it’s a reminder, it’s a sentiment. 

The necklace reminds me that things can be replaced, but replacement isn’t always necessary. You can keep your thoughts, your memories, your beliefs, your feelings. You can wear them like your favorite necklace. 

With time there may be rust, discoloration, it may chip, or fall apart. But if you’re careful...if you’re conscious of the snagging or pulling, the height of the flame and the warmth of the candle, your gold will stay.

I paint without fear of losing color, without fear of running out of space. No matter the color, I treat it like gold. It’s priceless.

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